Republican Darryl Daniels for Sheriff

Qualified Commander: After a decade of military service, Daniels is a recognized leader in law enforcement. After a quarter century on the force, Chief Darryl Daniels is ready to serve you as Sheriff.

What you should know about Darryl Daniels

√ U.S. Military: Navy Veteran
√ Sheriff’s Office: quarter century of service
√ FBI National Academy: Section leader
√ Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees include criminal justice
√ First JSO chief to command more than one division at once
√ Longtime Clay County resident

Inspiring Leader
“Throughout his stellar careers in both the Navy and law enforcement, Darryl Daniels has been known as the leader who inspires a commitment to fairness.”
—Assistant Chief Joe Cowan

Invested in Clay County
“As a longtime Clay County resident, I’ve observed Chief Daniels’ commitment to our community firsthand. Whether he’s speaking at the Clay Men’s Republican Club or volunteering with his church, it’s apparent he deeply cares about his neighbors.”
— Senator Steve Wise

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How much do you know about Darryl?